Did you know you have a crappy site?

Yeah, we’ve seen a dozen and more of these analyzers… how effective or useful are they? Thought I’ll take a look.

Website Grader Logo

Website Grader Logo

Website Grader: Lets you compare competition, but needs your email id. Gives a decent, easy-to-understand grade… but that grade is based only as per the 1 million websites submitted so far. Excellent breakup of elements, but best of all, it’s in English, not a table of scores. It actually points out what’s wrong, why, and what you can do about it. Gives an option for analyzing interior pages.
It also breaks the analysis very logically – on-site, off-site SEO, the blogosphere, social media utilization, conversion – ability, competitive intelligence, etc. Pretty good for analyzing even blogs.
Score: 10 on 10

Xinu logo

Xinu logo

Xinu:  Nice. I liked this at first glance. Huge wealth of info available.
Unfortunately, it’s only available as a glance – you will get the scores but figure out what they mean on your own. There isn’t any in-depth detailing, getting into the meaning and action points of each score; so while you get a good structure, the fleshing out means a lot f time spent on research and formulating your own way ahead.
Score: 6 on 10

Site Analyzer from GoingUp

Site Analyzer from GoingUp

GoingUp!’s Site Analyzer: Not that great – but useful from a basic SEO perspective, especially if this is your first site. Good understanding of backlinks.
The social media analysis, rankings, pages – not very comprehensive. All-in-all, a bit too brief; it’s like a decent trailer rather than the movie itself.
Score: 5 on 10

Cubestat Website value calculator

Cubestat Website value calculator

Cubestat: Very interestingly, Cubestat gives you a $ value for your site; take this as entertainment value only, since I don’t know how the algorithm works. (My travel blog, for instance, is worth $164.25 = Rs. 7,826.64; just about enough to sponsor ONE last trip, and not a very good one at that.)
Other stats are fairly basic, and not very useful. An interesting feature is a list of ‘sites of similar worth’, which would have been fun had it been longer. It’s more mystifying than illuminating at this stage.
Score: 4 on 10 (and the $$ value feature was worth 2 of this 4)

 And most importantly, do all site analyzers agree with each other?

Not completely. DMOZ listings, RSS detection and pageranks are the most contentious issues; but overall, the final picture you get is fairly accurate. Even blogs can checked, but the results start looking a bit weird here; a wordpress blog is analyzed according to the wordpress domain, and blogger vacillates between the blog and blogger.com info.

This isn’t a comprehensive post or a detailed review; I need to spend more time checking these (and more) out. Any suggestions for other, similar sites or tools?


2 Responses to Did you know you have a crappy site?

  1. hey good summary .. thanks !!

  2. Lala says:

    My personal favourite traffic estimation website is http://www.estimix.com . It seems to use the Alexa traffic information quite well and generates very accurate traffic information

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