I love to travel. I’ve visited over 120 places inside India, and a few (all too few!) outside. The thrill of seeing new places, eating new food, meeting a completely different way of life is a thrill that hasn’t faded in the last 29 years and I don’t think it ever will.

Follow my travels on my travel blog here –

The Post Who Walks

A part of my wanderlust has resulted in Nature Knights – a Bombay-based trekkers’ group, who organize trips in and around Maharashtra and the Himalayas. I’m a core member here, looking at getting members and visibility. I’m also a co-admin for their Facebook page.

The Nature Knights website

The Nature Knights Facebook Page

I have an interest in photography that’s developed in the last few years, and after experimenting with an SLR and several regular digicams, I’m saving now to get a good quality DSLR. Until that happens, here’s a few of my best on Flickr. Comments / Feedback are welcome!

Flickr Photostream (

And lastly, I also enjoy writing. I maintain a few regular blogs, and sporadically contribute travelogues, reviews, and miscellaneous feature articles to various publications. You’re already on my latest – the Social Media blog – but apart from that, here’s a few others –

Travel: The Post Who Walks

Other miscellaneous, general writing (

I like to eat, so a bunch of Restaurant Reviews (just started)

I’m also a movie buff, and try to watch and review as many films as I can. While I’m – so far – contributing heavily on Flixster, there’s also a blog which duplicates my Flixster activity here –

Recliner Seat


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  1. safetybar says:

    Thanks for the information. I admit I was looking for something different and ended up here, but I appreciated the read, cheers 🙂

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