Just Migrate

Just Migrate

Posterous is shutting down April 30, 2013. If you have a posterous blog, I found this really useful (almost-free) tool to move all the content to Tumblr.

Why almost free? If you have more than 100 posts, you have to pay.

Warning – Recommend first creating the Tumblr (empty) blogs and urls before migrating, since the interface is not very forgiving and editing on Tumblr takes some getting used to. Also be careful of primary blogs, since deleting those shuts down your account as well.

Once I got it sorted out, though, Tumblr seems to be better – I still have the primary reason I took up Posterous, which is post-by-mail, but there’s much better integration into my Facebook and Twitter networks. I miss that clean, bright, and minimal Posterous look, but will spend some time exploring the themes… is there a Posterous theme in Tumblr?

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