Book your domain RIGHT NOW

How soon should you book your domain name?

It’s 7 AM, and sitting on the pot, you have a brilliant idea for a marketing campaign (this being the most creatively productive activity of the day) that will wow the nation. You rush to office, get the idea on paper, take your boss’ approval, detail it, and announce it to the team.
It’s already too late.

What you should have done was book the URL the minute the boss okayed it. Maybe even before, if you really believed in it. It’s not a job for the interactive agency, nor for the IT department, nor your net-savvy exec or intern, nor any department assigned this responsibility, if it exists.

You need to log onto or it’s contempories, find availability and reserve the name. It’s free for 15 days, too, while you can make the payment (if via check / draft / etc).

Why am I saying this? You have heard of Walk When You Talk, right?
Go to
Whoops! That seems to have been hijacked by the Jai Ho Cricket Club. What an idea, sirji!

The real Walk When You Talk campaign microsite is on a id… a classic case of somebody realizing that the domain needs to be booked after too many people had got to know and the news leaked.And somebody smart leapt in to take advantage.

Better luck next time!

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