Losing Shine

The digital reputation

It’s fascinating to watch how rapidly a single screw-up can completely destroy your online reputation. Look at Shiney. I don’t know if he did it or not, or what exactly happened, etc – and I’m not going to guess – but just look at this stark example of how, at least digitally and in the space of just about an hour, Shiney lost his shine.

A generic Google search is bad enough.
“Shiney Ahuja” – 173,000 results.
“Shiney Ahuja”+Rape – 30,700 results. 18%.

On Blogs – (using Blog Search)
“Shiney Ahuja” throws up 46,900 results. Add the word “rape” to the search term, and it drops to 16,900 – 36%. More than a third. This is UGC. People have started creating content about him.

Technorati – 24% of all Shiney Ahuja results are rape story-related. The new content is being linked, tagged and shared.

Tweets are flying fast, 55 more results since I started writing this text. Any suggestions on where you can count tweets at a particular time? Tweetmeme reports 114 links, 97 in the last 1 day, 10 in the last hour. No prizes for guessing what they’re talking about.

His Wikipedia entry already has a reference to the arrest and the charge.

And the killer – someone’s already coined a term. It’s funny as hell, it’s instantly understood (at least in the Indian audiences) and it’s supremely viral. It’s going to rip across the globe in seconds and completely finish him.


I don’t think he’ll ever be free of it.

Let’s see how things change by evening…

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